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Nevada Castle Doctrine

Nevada Castle Doctrine Just like more than half the states in the union, Nevada is what’s known as a “stand your ground” state. This law gives you permission to defend yourself if you feel threatened, and, under the right circumstances, even to use non-lethal or lethal force in defending yourself. Most of the situations in […]
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Is Marijuana Legal in Nevada? Your Las Vegas Criminal Attorney

Is Marijuana Legal in Nevada?

Is Marijuana Legal in Nevada? Marijuana is legal in Nevada for both recreational and medicinal use. After the Medical Use of Marijuana Act was passed by Nevada voters in 2000, home cultivation of marijuana for medical use became legalized in Nevada. Sales of medical marijuana, however, did not begin in Nevada until 2015. In November […]
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Is Prostitution Legal in Nevada

Is Prostitution Legal in Nevada?

Is Prostitution Legal in Nevada? Nevada is the only state in the U.S. in which prostitution is legally permitted in some fashion. Prostitution and solicitation are legal within ten of Nevada’s 16 counties, all of which have populations under 700,000 residents. In counties where prostitution and solicitation are legal, however, it can only occur within […]
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dui in nevada

DUI in Nevada

DUI in Nevada In Nevada, a DUI (driving under the influence) charge is brought against you if you are operating a motor vehicle and have a certain level of alcohol in your blood (the law varies depending upon the type of driver) or are under the influence of controlled or prohibited substances. If you have […]
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